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Portable Oxygen Concentrators 

Portable Oxygen Concentrators have a series of benefits for patients on Long Term Oxygen therapy, not least the oxygen delivery periods.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators - POC´s


Portable oxygen concentrators are machines that extract oxygen from ambient air, and deliver it as concentrated oxygen gas, to the patient via a nose cannula.

Oxygen concentrators have been in use for many years, typically stationary or home concentrators.

However over the last few years portable machines have been developed so as to provide supplemental oxygen to patients with lung and respiratory diseases while allowing them to be mobile. Portable oxygen concentrator oxygen systems are available in various models.

The air around us is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the remaining 1% of various gases.

Breathing provides the oxygen concentration we require that keeps us healthy as it feeds our organs and whole life process with this vital gas - it could be said this is the primary fuel we need to cleanse and power our bodies.

The oxygen concentrator is powered by electricity and so does not store oxygen as the other two oxygen systems - cylinders with concentrated oxygen gas or tanks with liquid oxygen.

As long as the power source is on you do not run out of oxygen.

Benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

  • There are a series of important benefits that oxygen concentrator portable models bring - the main one being the extend period of oxygen supply you get. This is because with their rechargeable batteries the machine continues to function for long periods of time.
  • If you add the fact that you can have a replacement battery, this effectively doubles the duration without needing to recharge the battery.
  • Additionally they also come with plug in option to either recharge or power directly.

These oxygen concentrators are in use all day long, seven days a week and for many years as the service they provide is indispensable. This brings up a very important consideration which is that they must be "durable medical equipment", and brand names will stand by their creations. Always look at the warranties and reputation of the manufacturers.

POC´s (portable oxygen concentrators) are designed for patients requiring additional oxygen. This can be at home, at work and also when traveling by car, bus, train and even airplanes. Their operation is much more economical than with tanks or cylinders as you eliminate the need for refilling.

Typically your system will include:

  • The Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Two lithium ion batteries
  • Power cord and 12V power cable for charging at home or away
  • Easy to fold Trolley
  • Accessory case
  •  Manual

Portable oxygen concentrators have to provide supplemental oxygen constantly, easily, for long periods of time and at the same time they have to be easily carried, have an appropriate weight (otherwise the portable requirement is not met) and therefore allow the patient to recover and maintain an active lifestyle.

A patient´s lifestyle is seriously affected the minute he or she needs additional oxygen. It is important that the oxygen unit that delivers the oxygen be as portable as possible. There are several factors in deciding on the type of system is that the oxygen supply going.

The first factor to be considered is how often and how much oxygen is needed. The amount and frequency of oxygen that is prescribed and very importantly, your lifestyle. You need oxygen only when you sleep? If you eat? Or do you need it all day?

All oxygen machines, including concentrators have the same important accessories, such as a flow regulator and flow meter. You will also need a nose cannula.



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Patients who use an oxygen concentrator do have various questions, such as how they work, maintenance, the oxygen flow, benefits, comparison with other oxygen delivery systems, and so on.  Here we respond to a series of frequently asked questions.

LifeChoice has just launched (Nov. 2011) their new POC with Auto Mode technology that detects and sunsequently adjusts the oxygen supply according to the level of activity .

Oxygen concentrators extract separate oxygen from the other gases that make up ambient air (primarily nitrogen).  They do this ...

COPD patients on supplemental oxygen need to recover their mobility and this is now possible to a very large extent thanks to portable oxygen concentrators perhaps more than any other portable oxygen system.

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A portable oxygen machine has to do several things. Provide the necessary oxygen to the patient, for as long as needed and be easily carried. The mobile side is without a doubt of vital importance.

  • Who Needs an Oxygen Concentrator? 

    Oxygen concentrators, either home or portable concentrators, are necessary for patients with impaired lungs, heart, or both, that require supplemental oxygen therapy.




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